Meet The Makers


Archer and I were born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Six generations of our family have lived in Steamboat. We grew up on the family ranch with our three older siblings. As with any ranch, there is always work to be done. Ever since I can remember, our parents taught us all to have a strong work ethic. We worked part-time at an early age for family and friends to make money for things we wanted. We were homeschooled which allowed us more time to focus on our interests and pursue our hobbies.

Our dad made a few blades in the past and he knew enough about the art to get us started on our bladesmithing journey. It soon became one of our favorite hobbies. We were thirteen and fourteen when we made our very first blades.

Our family ranch was sold in 2020 and we recently relocated to Northeastern Florida.
Archer and I formed this company together, and our parents and siblings help with
different aspects of its operation. We take pride in our work and have grown very passionate about this art. We hope you all enjoy our handcrafted tools as much as we enjoy designing and creating them.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

God Bless!



I am nineteen years old. I played football for many years. I started wrestling my junior year in high school and it became my sport of choice. I currently volunteer my time as an assistant wrestling coach for Archer’s high school team. When I was fifteen, I worked for several local ranches fixing fence, so I could buy my first pick-up truck. I bought a 1984 Dodge W250. I have a passion for classic old trucks, and I like working on them also. I enjoy hiking, camping, elk hunting with our dad, fishing, boating, surfing, horse-back riding, dirt-biking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and being in the great outdoors. Archer and I grew up exploring the property with our older brother, Braden. I also enjoy drawing, photography, and designing and creating unique tools.



I am seventeen years old and a senior in high school. I played football and wrestled for many years. I am focusing strictly on wrestling now. I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors, elk hunting with our dad, fishing, boating, surfing, camping, hiking, dirt-biking, and snowmobiling. I like doing things myself and have always researched and taught myself how to fix things. I like working with my hands. I have rebuilt several dirt bikes and I am working on rebuilding my Duramax. I enjoy crafting tools, turning raw materials into unique artwork.